How to maintain sand pump daily?

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How to maintain sand pump daily?

In the daily work of the sand pump, because the pump body is in high-speed operation for a long time, it is inevitable that abnormal phenomena or other problems will occur. When a problem occurs, it can be solved as quickly as possible. It is every technology The qualities that personnel should possess. Based on years of experience in the maintenance and repair of sand pumps, some faults and abnormal phenomena frequently encountered during operation of sand pumps are summarized, and the causes and solutions are summarized. The details are as follows:.

1. When the sand pump fails to absorb water during operation

This situation is generally caused by air leakage in the suction pipe or instrument of the sand pump, or may be caused by the bottom valve of the sand pump not being opened. When encountering this kind of failure, the technician must first check where the leak is and block it in time. Secondly, overhaul and replace the bottom valve of the slurry pump.

2. Abnormal sound is made inside the sand pump, and there is a failure of no water supply

This situation is generally due to the possibility of air infiltration when the sand pump sucks water, causing abnormal noises in the pump body, and the impeller of the sand pump is damaged or mixed with impurities, causing the pump to fail to supply water. When encountering this kind of failure, the technician needs to adjust the liquid level of the pump pool of the sand pump and check the impeller at the same time. If it is damaged or aging, it should be replaced in time. In addition, the debris in the pump body and impeller should be cleaned up.

3. Severe vibration of the sand pump shows abnormal conditions

This failure may generally be caused by the following problems: First, the sand pump may have cavitation. Second, the trajectory of the pump shaft and the motor does not move concentrically. Third, the foot bolts of the sand pump were loosened. The solutions are as follows: First, make reasonable adjustments to the outlet valve of the sand pump to make it run within the specified performance parameters. Second, correct the pump shaft and motor shaft of the sand pump so that they are on the same centerline. Third, check whether the foot bolts of the sand pump are loose, and tighten the bolts firmly.

4. The sand pump pipe is blocked

This kind of failure is generally caused by air leakage in the sand pump, and it may also be caused by waste in the pipe. The solution is to check the leaking part of the population of the sand pump and plug it up. Secondly, check the waste in the cleaning pipe. If there is too much waste, you must first shut down the sand pump and clean it up to avoid safety problems.

5. The pressure gauge of the sand pump shows that there is pressure but the pump does not discharge water

This failure may be due to a problem with the direction of rotation, secondly, it may be due to blockage of the impeller flow passage, and thirdly, the speed of the sand pump is insufficient. The solution has the following aspects: First, correct the rotation direction of the sand pump motor to make it correct. Secondly, remove the water inlet pipe joint part for cleaning, especially the debris in the flow channel. Third, increase the speed of the water pump to within the rated range to ensure the normal operation of the sand pump.

6. The sand pump has a fault that the pump shaft is overheated

This failure may be caused by the following reasons: First, it is caused by insufficient lubricating oil. Second, debris has entered between the shaft and the ball bearing. Third, there is no cooling water in the slurry pump. Fourth, the sand pump bearing was damaged. The methods to solve the above problems are as follows: First, add lubricating oil to the sand pump. Second, remove the debris in the sand pump. Third, pass cooling water to the sand pump. Fourth, replace the bearings for the sand pump.

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