Our Objectives

Who could have said one day slurry will be changed to clean water supporting people’s life,DO pump is devoting on that.

DO Pump--A Caring And Socaially Responsible Institution That Challenges The World Change.

Vision Market leader in slurry transportation solutions by providing specialized products and diversified services.

Mission The DO group consists of three complementary divisions operating in markets which share strong prospects for long term growth, including Minerals, Gravel and/or Sand&Dredge, Power&Industrial. Our products are diversified to service to help meet the challenge demand of the world's variable slurry transportation systems.

Core values Interaction, commitment and innovation are the do® core values.

do® are committed to sustainable productivity by fully take advantage of the responsible use of resources-human, natural and capital.

Culture Highly trained, experienced and motivated employees are the key to our success,
creating an excellent working culture is to inspire and connect them as a group.
---Ensure no prejudice in the way of recruitment, development or promotion opportunities.
---Keep ongoing training and development to keep people knowledgeable.
---Encourage and support people to share values and goals to fit into corporation values.
---Provide safe working environment, instruments and insurance which are beyond the  standard of law
---Strengthen employees' sense of responsibility to meet company objectives.
 DO appreciates all the employees’ hard work and dedications.

  • AddressXinhe Street, Xingtang Industrial Zone,Shijiazhuang, Hebei
  • Phone Number0086-15031104888
  • Emailinfo@dopumpgroup.com

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