What does the 800WN (Q) dredging pump model mean?

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What does the 800WN (Q) dredging pump model mean?

For many dredge pump users, which are highly used for dredging project, may not truely understand what does the dredging pump model means, now China dredge pump company - Do Pump would like to share the meaning of sand dredging pump model. 

Here is one example of Sand Dredging Pump - 800 WN (Q) Dredge Pump

1. Here are the type of sand dredge pumps: DOS sand dredge pump, WN (DOD) Sand dredge pump, and Submersible sand pump. 

2. 800 is mm to dredge pump discharge diameter, so 800 WN(Q) means 800mm outlet dredge pump with a size of 32 inches. 

3. WN means dredge pump, and normally WN is a type of on board sand pump, which can also work as a booster pump. 

4. Q is a type of submerged sand pump, with same discharge diameter, however, the submerged sand pump is normally designed with less working head and less weight. 

Here is a basic answer by explaining what does the 800 WN (Q) dreging pump mean, for any more interest related to sand dredge pump, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call us at +8615031104888. 

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