Why sand dredge pumps bearings are overheated?

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Why sand dredge pumps bearings are overheated?

China Do Pump is a sand dredge pump manufacturer that is specialized on sand pump, dredge pump, booster pump, hydraulic sand dredge pump, electric sand dredge pump, in board sand pump, submerged dredge pump. More that that, China Do Pump is also a sand dredge pump solution provider, in this chapter, China Do Pump engineer is going to share why sand dredge pump bearing are overheated at working site. 

Why sand dredge pumps bearings are overheated? - Intorduction

On working site, sand dredge pump operators may experience the bearings of pumps are overheated, which will affect in pump operation, such as the grease or engine oil have to be filled in very short time, and/or bearings are broken down after bearings are overheated, so the pumps have to be stopped to be repaired. In this reason,  China Do Pump engineer would like to share knowledge about why sand dredge pumps bearings are overheated. 

Why sand dredge pumps bearings are overheated? - Resons and Solutions

Reason - Sand dredge pump is working at larger rotating speed than pump maximum running speed
Solution - For every sand dredge pump, it is designed with minimum and maximum rotating speed, it must reduce running speed when the speed is over loaded. 

Reason - Total working power is larger than pump bearing power
Solution - Total working power is caused by capacity, working head, solid concentration, pump efficiency. When capacity, head, solid concertration is too large, the total working power is getting larger, in this condition, we need to reduce capacity, head and/or solid concertration. 

Reason - The sand dredge pump shaft is inconsistent with the engine or the gearbox. 
Solution - Correct the coupling or clutch in order to confirm the pump shaft with the engine or the gearbox are in one-line.

Reason - Reduced sand dredge pump efficiency caused by pump impeller.
Solution - A broken sand dredge pump impeller will caused a lower pump efficency, in this condition, a new impeller needs to be replaced. 

Reason - Excessive bearing wear of sand dredge pump which causes rotor deflection.
Solution - New sand dredge pump bearings needs to be changed. 

Reason - Too much or too little bearing lubricant.
Solution - Both of too much or too little bearing lubricant can cause bearing heat, therefore, a certain amout of lubricant is required. 

Why sand dredge pumps bearings are overheated? - Conclusion

In conclusion, China Do Pump shared the knowledge about why snad dredge pumps bearings are overheated in general of six reasons and solutions. China Do Pump would like to share more information about sand dredge pumps, not only about how to select the sand dredge pump, but also how to use the pumps. For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@dopumpgroup.com. 

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