China Slurry Pump - Bearing assemble to pump shaft ?

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China Slurry Pump - Bearing assemble to pump shaft ?

How to assemble China slurry pump bearings to pump shaft, here are the Bearing assembly: Assembly of inner ring of drive end bearing and bearing of impeller end to pump shaft, including China base types of R, RS, S, ST, T and TU series.

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1. Fill the bearing neck of slurry pump shaft 073 with lubricating oil.
2. The bearing inner ring 009D is mounted on the shaft and close to the shoulder.
For the S bearing assembly (ie, S and ST slurry pump base series), install the two inner rings on the shaft shoulder at the drive end.
For the drive end, the S series slurry pump pump with only one disk bearing is first fitted with an inner positioning sleeve against the shaft shoulder, and then, the inner ring of the transmission bearing 009D is installed.
Preheat the inner ring of the bearing of slury pump. (Never exceed 250 ° F.) Take the vertical position of the shaft, install the heated inner ring on the shaft and push or tap on the shaft shoulder.
3. Continuously rotating the slurry pump shaft (the end of the slurry pump impeller is upward) to assemble the inner ring of bearing 009, with the big head close to the slurry pump shaft shoulder.
4. Assemble the bearing 009 inner positioning sleeve on the shaft, close to the small end of the inner ring, and the outer ring of the T-shaped bearing assembly (that is, the T and TU slurry pump series) is composed of three separate parts. The outer ring is a component or two outer rings are separated by a positioning sleeve, which is the same for bearings.
5. Install the second inner ring of bearing 009 on the shaft with its small end facing the positioning sleeve. It is important that the inner ring positioning sleeve and the shaft shoulder are tight.
Bearing 009 has a positioning sleeve that is ground to the size of each bearing assembly of slurry pump, and the parts of a set of components cannot be interchanged with similar bearings.
For the sake of convenience, some large bearing components are marked with a “serial number” on each outer ring, inner ring and positioning sleeve, and parts with the same serial number are put together. Some small-end pre-assembled parts are not marked with numbers, but they Still can not replace each other, the assembly should be assembled immediately after arriving at the factory.
6. Spray the bearings with dehydrating agent to remove moisture.
7. Inject lubricant into the bearing by hand from both ends until lubricating oil appears on the outer ring. 
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