China Slurry Pump - What are instructions of bearing assembly?

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China Slurry Pump - What are instructions of bearing assembly?

Here are the China slurry pump what are the instructions of bearing assembly, including the China slurry pump base types of R, RS, S, ST, T and TU. 

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Before assembling the China slurry pump bearings, please read the instructions.

What are instructions of bearing assembly?

When assembling a new bearing of China slurry pump, wash the bearing body, end cover, shaft and other assembly slurry pump parts to prevent dirt, protective coatings or lubricants from adhering to the bearing of Chinaslurry pump. Do not wash away the lubricant from the manufacturer of the bearing. The manufacturer uses high-grade acid-free lubricant (there are no chemical agents and impurities inside that may cause corrosion). Any lubricant added must be absolutely clean, for which the following measures must be taken:
1. Cover the sliding cylinder to prevent dirt from entering to Chinaslurry pump bearings.
2. Use special tools for lubricants, do not use wooden scrapers, use steel knives or putty knives, because they can be wiped smooth and clean.
3. If a lubricating gun is used, the grease nipple and lubricating parts should be kept clean.
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Why should roller bearings of Chinaslurry pump be cleaned?

More than 90% of all roller bearings damage are caused by dirt, the way dirt enters the bearing of Chinaslurry pump or due to inadvertent attention before or during assembly, or after the user leaves the equipment in working condition.
The dirt is composed of a large number of prismatic hard particles. When mixed with the lubricant, it becomes a grinding mixture. In this way, the roller will gradually wear the original precision fit during the rotary motion, reducing accuracy and efficiency.
The key period affecting bearing life will occur from the time of leaving the warehouse to the assembly of the workbench. The reason is obvious. The bearing is taken out of the box and the protective cover. Since then, the bearing is completely controlled by the staff who manages the bearing. The first rule for managing bearings is to keep the tools clean, use clean cloths instead of waste paper, because fiber debris and short fibers can easily adhere to the surface, and keep your hands and work area clean.
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