How to Maintain China slurry pump - Bearing assembly

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How to Maintain China slurry pump - Bearing assembly

The China slurry pump bearing assembly is correctly assembled and pre-lubricated with grease (see bearing assembly). After installing the shaft into the bearing housing, as long as there is no water or other foreign objects intrusive and timely maintenance, then the bearing assembly is not only reliable but also has a long life.

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The maintenance personnel must dismantle the bearing box regularly (with an interval not greater than 12 months), observe the bearings and grease, and then decide the time for the next inspection.

The number of periodic lubrication and the amount of grease injected depends on many factors and the interaction of these factors, including speed, bearing specifications, continuous working time, ratio of pump off-time, working environment-such as cycle and operating temperature , The presence of splashes, pollution or impurities.
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The running speed of most China slurry pump bearings is low, but there is also a risk of damage. The main reason is the excessive lubrication of the bearings, but the preventive measures to avoid excessive lubrication do not guarantee the maintenance of the bearings, so the experience and judgment of lubrication are To determine the final determinants of the lubrication program, a better approach is to constantly observe the bearings at the beginning of the operation and carefully record the unusual conditions, such as temperature and purity.
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