What are the Reasons cause slurry pump operate failure?

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What are the Reasons cause slurry pump operate failure? 

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What are the Reasons cause China slurry pump operate failure? If the China slurry pump fails to draw water, it may be caused by one or more of the following reasons.

(1)Suction pipe of China slurry pump is blocked.

After the China slurry pump has been running for a period of time, it is likely that the slurry will settle in or around the suction pipe due to the suction of water from the pit, thus preventing the water from entering the impeller. You can check the water level in the pump with the pressure gauge at the suction port of the China slurry pump.
It is likely that impurities are pumped to the bottom of the suction pipe during the pump operation, causing local blockage. This blockage does not cause a pump stop failure, but it can reduce the flow of the pump. It can also continue to reduce the outlet pressure and increase the suction vacuum. It may also cause the pump to be in abnormal operation and vibration due to the high vacuum suction.
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(2)Air enters the China slurry pump from the packing

One of the following working conditions can cause air to enter the pump through the filler, and the air entering the pump often makes the pump unable to draw water or the water drawing is interrupted during operation.

1) The sealing water pressure is too low;
2), excessive wear of the packing;
3), the packing sealing water is blocked through the packing box pipeline.

If the above failure occurs, it can be checked through the filler in advance, and then the remedy is available.
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(3), impeller of China slurry pump is clogged
The impeller of China slurry pump allows materials with a certain particle size to pass through. If the material with too large particle size enters the suction line, the impeller inlet may be blocked, thereby limiting the pump discharge. This failure often results in a decrease in power and a decrease in outlet pressure and suction vacuum.

Pump vibration may also be caused by the unbalanced effect of the impeller.
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(4), the outlet pipeline of China slurry pump is blocked
When the coarse particles are highly concentrated in the discharge pipe of the pump, the discharge pipe will be blocked, or the speed of the discharge pipe is too low to sufficiently convey the liquid. If the blockage is like this, the outlet pressure will increase and the motor power will decrease.

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