IHC Cutter Suction Dredger Design

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Design of the IHC Cutter Suction Dredger 7025MP

The design of the IHC 7025MP focuses on typical Chinese requirements, such as large dredging depth, strong side winches to enable dredging in current, large accommodation (to facilitate working in remote areas) and many cost-reducing features such as a basic instrumentation and control package and the application of locally purchased auxiliary equipment. 

The IHC 7025MP is a hydraulic dredger, meaning that besides the spud carrier, the cutter drive and all winches used for dredging operations are dieselhydraulic driven as well. The idea behind the design is to work with modules which in itself represent proven technology and can be combined in various different ways to meet the specific demands of customers. By using the same basic design short delivery times for design drawings can be achieved. 

A General Arrangement with the main dimensions of an IHC 7025MP with a dredging wheel is shown below. There are two different types of accommodation for the IHC 7025MP, one for 12 persons and one for 21 persons. Both accommodation units are placed on vibration dampers for increased comfort onboard. Because the IHC 7025 MP is designed for dredging in river estuaries where strong currents can be encountered, the IHC 7025MP is equipped with strong swing winches. 

The pumping hearts of the IHC 7025MP cutter suction dredger are two high efficiency dredge pumps, one single walled submerged dredge pump and one double walled inboard dredge pump. Both the inboard and submerged dredge pump are of this same type, allowing for the interchanging of impellers and some other wear parts, limiting the number of spares to be kept on board of the dredger. All wear parts of the pumps are made of wear-resistant materials such as Maxidur 5, resulting in a long life. For an increased discharge length (up to 12km) IHC has also designed a land based-booster station. The submerged dredge pump is electrical driven; the electric engine is positioned on the upper part of the cutter ladder. The inboard dredge pump is driven through a special integrated gearbox-bearing assembly which reduces the length of the drive train. 

The dredgers are designed and built in compliance with the rules of the China Classification Society (CCS) and meet all current international rules and regulations as far as relevant to this type of vessel. Even though the IHC 7025MP has become a standard dredger, for every IHC 7025MP contract specific client requirements were incorporated. To keep investment costs as low as possible, the IHC 7025MP cutter dredger is equipped with a basic instrumentation and control package, consisting of an Automatic Pump Controller (APC), Production Calculator (PRC) and a Swing and Depth Indication System (SDI). But if required, a more sophisticated level of automation, for example an Automatic Swing Control is available. A further option is the installation of a management tool, consisting of a shore-based monitoring system of the production rate, fuel consumption, downtime etc. Feedback during the construction, commissioning, operational experience and suggestions of our clients have been used to improve the basic design. An example of this comprised the increase of the spud carrier stroke from 4,8m to 6,2m without changing the main dimensions of the dredger. A larger spud carrier stroke contributes to a higher efficiency of the dredger as the stepping procedure requires less time. Other improvements include a local control near the cutter head for inching the cutter motor for mounting and dismounting of the cutter head. 

IHC Cutter Suction Dredger Design

IHC Cutter Suction Dredger Design

IHC Cutter Suction Dredger Design

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