IHC Beaver CSD 50 Specification

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The IHC Beaver® 50 is reliable, fuel efficient, has low maintenance costs and is extremely productive at all dredging depths. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including the following key features:
• low cost per cubic metre
• an exceptional rate of pumping power – unrivalled in its class improved ergonomics and diagnostics
• Cutter Special® pump that combines high efficiency and a large spherical passage to provide a high level of availability
• class certification (BV Coastal area)
• low maintenance and efficient power distribution with a single diesel engine
• environmentally friendly solutions, such as LED lighting
• enhanced safety features, such as a separate pump room.
IHC Beaver® 50 Cutter suction dredger
Reliable and efficient
The IHC Beaver® is well known for its robust construction, reliable operation and excellent performance. To date, Royal IHC (IHC) has supplied more than 800 of these standard cutter suction dredgers worldwide.

Transportable and deliverable from stock IHC Beaver® dredgers can be dismantled for transport via road, rail or sea. A wide range of optional equipment is available, as well as complementary auxiliary equipment, 

such as work boats and discharge pipelines. These vessels are mostly delivered from stock.

Service and support

IHC can provide a complete package of spare parts, maintenance support, equipment training programmes, dredging advisory services and dredge opera.

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