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Dredging floater and pipe-dredging floater and pipe are highly used for dredging process under solid piping, and they are selected for cutter suction dredgers, jet suction dredgers and TSHD.

Dredge Pumps are the heart to the dredgers according to its capacity, working efficiency, transferring distance, suction depth. DOD Dredge Pump are designed with features of resistance to wear and malfunction, and general robust and reliable character, which are highly successful proven in abrasive sand dredging industry.

  ? “DOD” Dredge Pump offer a complete range of single-or double-walled, inboard or submerged, which are available for different uses. They can be used in inboard or submerged by single and double walled types.

  ? DOD Dredge Pump has a robust and proven design, which has been successfully on many dredger in all circumstances, which takes large capacity of fine sand, long distance pipeline transportation, high suction depth, more working efficiency.

  ? The high-efficiency pump has been optimized to upgrade pump production and suction characteristics, and reduce wear, through unique design on impeller, door, and liners. The higher efficiency to dredge pump, the lower costs to engine power, as well as the improvement to cost-effectiveness of production and reduction to cost-cycle.

  ? “DOD+” Dredge Pump is a new type of dredge pump with gear box by using one base and shaft, by joint-design with “China Advance Gear Box Group”, we have designed the 450 DOD+, 500DOD+ dredge pump, with one base support both gear box and dredge pump, which are highly used in the condition to save space in inboard dredger.

  ? Dredge Pump Spare Part including impeller, casing, frame plate liner insert and throatbush are all used in material of high chrome alloy for highly efficiency in working during life of sand dredging.

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