HY Hydraulic Submersible Sand Dredge Pump

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HY Hydraulic Submersible Sand Dredge Pump

Product introduction: HY hydraulic sand dredge pump is a new type of water conservancy construction machinery developed and manufactured by DO PUMP absorbing advanced foreign technology. It is equipped with an excavator or hydraulic station when used, and can operate safely for a long time under severe working conditions.

Features and advantages of HY hydraulic sand dredge pump:
1. A single or multiple sets of sand pumps or reamer devices can be configured according to actual needs. The hydraulic station can be configured with multiple or multiple belts. The whole configuration is flexible and diverse.
2. The hydraulic sand suction pump has a large passing capacity, and the maximum particle size that can pass is 11 cm.
3. HY hydraulic sand suction pump motor and reamer motor work independently, without interference and no influence on each other, and no high-pressure oil tilts to the low-load motor.
4. The reamer motor limits the maximum speed (about 50 rpm), which realizes the distribution of the main power to the sand suction pump motor. The adjustable speed reamer motor can also be designed according to user needs.
5. The flow parts of the HY hydraulic sand suction pump are made of wear-resistant materials, which can extract pebbles, silt, mineral sand, silt, etc.
6. The whole system is designed with the basic concept of medium oil pressure work to maximize the protection of the hydraulic pump under the premise of ensuring the normal operation of each working motor, and effectively improve the service life of the hydraulic pump.
7. The hydraulic system has its own advantages, with effective self-protection function, which can avoid damage to the equipment when the working part is overloaded.

The hydraulic sand dredge pump has a harsher working environment and a wider range of working conditions. It can handle special working conditions such as explosion-proof and locked-rotor. Can work in complex underwater 

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