EL Submersible Sand Dredge Pump Working Principle

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EL Submersible Sand Dredge Pump Working Principle

Brand: DO PUMP Model: EL, Principle of action: Submersible pump Delivery medium: Submersible sand pump, Purpose: General purpose pump Drive mode: Electric pump Medium temperature type: Normal temperature pump Maximum outlet pressure type: Low pressure pump Pd≤4MPaMPa Maximum outlet pressure value : 0.2MPa rated flow Q: 200m3/h rated head H: 15m vane pump impeller stages: single-stage pump vane pump suction mode: single suction pump vane pump impeller form: closed impeller vane pump housing type: Volute type vane pump shaft location: vertical pump rated speed n: 980r/min shaft power Pa: 18.1kW pump efficiency η: 60% volumetric efficiency ηv: 40% suction port diameter Ds: 150mm discharge port diameter Dd: 150mm Measurement accuracy: 0.2 Maximum allowable particle diameter: 50mm Medium viscosity ν: 0.12mm2/s Medium temperature: 60℃ Working temperature: 60℃ Ambient temperature: 40℃ Weight: 670kg

The hydraulic pond digging unit is simple in structure and easy to use. It can complete multiple processes such as digging, loading, unloading, filling and compacting at the same time, so it has the characteristics of high work efficiency, low cost, good engineering quality, and construction not affected by weather. The matching of the unit can be selected reasonably according to the soil conditions in various places to achieve the best construction effect. Under normal circumstances, if the head is less than 10 meters within 200 meters, each shift will excavate about 150 cubic meters and dredge about 250 cubic meters. It is necessary to add a few pumps to relay for long-distance high-lift transportation. Sand suction pumps for sand mining in Jiangsu rivers, large-caliber high-efficiency sand suction pump units have been widely used in the excavation and dredging of fish ponds in 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, large, medium and small water conservancy projects, sea reclamation, chemical engineering, underground engineering, The basic construction of farmland and the transportation and treatment of waste residues from industrial and mining enterprises.
The main stand-alone units in this unit can be used individually: the mud pump can be used for irrigation and drainage, sucking fecal slurry feed and other thick liquid and dirty liquid, etc.; the clean water pump is used for drought resistance pumping artificial rainfall, etc.; the distribution box can also be used with other power sources control.
Second unit composition

The main components of the three systems of the hydraulic pond excavating unit are as follows:
The vertical mud pump mud conveying system mainly includes the vertical mud pump floating body mud conveying rigid pipe and rubber hose. The hose is used at the exit and the pipe turning. Sand suction pump for river sand mining, large diameter high efficiency sand suction pump
The submersible sand pump system mainly includes submersible sand pumps, water pipe flushing water guns, etc.
The distribution box system mainly includes the waterproof cable of the distribution box.

The EL type submersible sand pump is a hydraulic machine that submerges into the medium coaxially with the water pump. The flow parts of the submersible sand pump are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, which have good wear resistance, large flow channels, and are suitable for Medium containing large solid particles such as mud sand, ore slurry, coal slurry, sand and gravel. This series of sand pumps are manufactured by absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, such as sand suction pumps for sand mining in Jiangsu rivers, and large-diameter high-efficiency sand suction pumps. In addition to the main impeller, the pump adds a set of stirring impellers at the bottom, which can spray the deposited sludge into Turbulent flow is the high-concentration delivery of water pumps without auxiliary devices. The unique device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber and protect the reliability of the mechanical seal to the utmost extent. The motor adopts various protection measures such as overheating protection and water ingress detection protection, which can operate safely for a long time under harsh working conditions.

The submersible sand pump is suitable for pumping sand for building sand, large-diameter high-efficiency sand suction pumps, silt, silt, tailings slurry, ore, iron sand ore, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, ports, etc. The silt project can also be used for the removal of grit in steel plants, power plants, iron ore plants, oil fields and other industrial and mining enterprises, as well as sediments in sewage treatment plants.

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