Dredger Cutting Head Power

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Cutting-Head Power Dredger Equipment
Cutter head is one of the most important part to cutter suction dredger, and it determines the sand production will be excavated and transported. Cutter speed, cutting power, cutter dimensions and cutter twist.

The cutting power
Production capacity if not only affected by  the winch power of dredger side and the velocity, but also influenced by the diameter of the cutter head, the cutting power (the ability to cut the soil).

SPE a definition of the soil that is need to be cut in cubic meters per hour (m?), and the power of cutter head P is power required to the work performance thus:

The inconstancy of the soil, including rock, sand, gravel, mud, sludge etc, forces the cutting forces seldom, and the terms of average cutting force and peak forces are used. When rock is cutting and dredging in working site, the forces may be twice higher than the average forces.

This theory of cutting power to cutter had must be multiplied by many factors, and the cutter head revolution in design must be dependent on the suction soil characters. 
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